Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bed,Bath and Buddha :San Francisco Flower and Garden Show 2008

From my last blog, the my life has been a rollercoaster ride – a trip to India (which included mostly hospitals ,one function and a really sudden passing of a relative), a reading through the million and one mails that piled up when I was gone and to top it off was a near death car crash on a highway, due to a moron who jumped into the carpool lane (to be traveled by 2 or more ppl) 10 feet ahead of a us. Looking at the scrap of metal, that once was my car , it was a miracle, I didn’t start pulling out what’s left of my hair on Hwy 280. I think my life really needs to start becoming the basis of a Suntv soap with all these activities.
Anyway to get out of the unusually happy, sad and frustrating (mostly the third) turn of events,K and I decided to drive to the San Francisco to the Flower & Garden Show , which is held annually at the cow palace. Its an amazing show, where Landscapers recreate their finest gardens.These scenes includes anything from a SUV to Star wars playing on the wall of a setup house .The theme though seemed to water and the amount of water in that place, could have filled 25 water lorries of Chennai (if they were standing straight and not swerving diagonally like they usually do).But this is what I also noticed, the designers, have a penchant for peace, taking a bath and sleep.There were Buddha statues everywhere, followed by tubs/ showers and of course really comfortable beds/futon.

My idea of a garden generally includes a lot of flowering plants, veggies and of course the sunburn. That’s what I grew up with, having a whole generating of matriarchs born with a “Green Hand”. The garden to my heart which came the closest was “It doesn’t take a hectare”. It had the right quantity of herbs, veggies and of course a apple plant whose branches grew horizontal.Of course I noticed a group of guys around a particular exhibit, but had to smile when I saw why. An innovative landscaper, had put up a scene which projected Star Wars on the Wall of an house, and a comfortable seating area in the garden, to watch , replete with popcorn and snacks. The most bizarre one, “Jungle Skinny dip” ,was with a Subaru SUV parked in a Hawaii style waterfall garden.It had its share of Bikini's and men's swimwear lying about, and the best part was a senior couple next to me where trying to match the ladies swimwear to the men's to check if they were equal :D.

Another level led us to the Bonsai garden, and I couldn't believe Trees as old as 80 years being around 2-3 feet in height.It was a beautiful display right from the Japanese and Chinese maple to the California Oak. My favorite was the Wisteria, which looked so delicate ,that it blew my mind that it was 50 years old.

The other two main parts of the show is the “Plant Marketplace” and the other is “Artists Gallery”. I love the plant marketplace, because we can get the samplings which are quite inexpensive, and you can ask the suppliers the condition for growth to help you out. In case of specialty flowers like dahlia’s and lilies, the vendors, give you a printed sheet for looking after the plant.You can also ask the Landscapers for the plants they use, and check back with the vendors in the plant marketplace for buying them. The artists gallery includes natural foods, crafts and beautiful ornaments designed for both house and garden, but with a natural theme. I got a lovely jar of Jam , salad dressing vinaigrette and a essential lavender spread, which smells heavenly.It’s dream land for gardeners, because they have tools, newsletters and of course numerous ways to raise the garden of their dreams. Its also has an Orchid exhibit/sale with different varieties and fragrances. If you love orchids, this is essential place to be at, with plants at 50% off. But this was the only thing, that I took objection to - they were selling Indian Bed sheets and clothes, which I could have got in T.nagar (Chennai ) for 150Rs., at 75-100$..... For those entrepreneurs out there, who are on their way to India, I would suggest to keep one of the 2 suitcases, to carry back these clothes, for the next show.

As I happily carried back my stuff to the car, I realized, that funnily enough it was nature, that helped me let go of my worries. Just looking at all the natural beauty, makes you smile, so is’nt it just common sense, to help save this planet and all its natural wonders ?

Now for a smile

)Two accountants are in a bank, when armed robbers burst in. While several of the robbers take the money from the tellers, others line the customers, including the accountants, up against a wall, and proceed to take their wallets, watches, etc. While this is going on accountant number one jams something in accountant number two''s hand. Without looking down, accountant number two whispers, "What is this?" to which accountant number one replies, "it''s that $50 I owe you."

2)An accountant is having a hard time sleeping and goes to see his doctor. "Doctor, I just can''t get to sleep at night.""Have you tried counting sheep?""That''s the problem - I make a mistake and then spend three hours trying to find it."

3)A patient was at her doctor''s office after undergoing a complete physical exam. The doctor said, "I have some very grave news for you. You only have six months to live."The patient asked, "Oh doctor, what should I do?" The doctor replied, "Marry an accountant." "Will that make me live longer?" asked the patient. "No," said the doctor, "but it will SEEM longer."

4)Why do accountants make good lovers? They''re great with figures.
Keep Smilin