Monday, January 17, 2005

And they supposed to be made in Heaven??

I wanted to really yell and vent my feelings, fearing that it will get me booted out of my office or apartment; I decided that my blog would be the best place to start…

Well the crux of the matter is , my parents are looking for a suitable groom and in the process driving me to point of sheer insanity. Being kinda wary of love and its differential results, I had decided to let my parents do the searching for the person whom I’m going to share my life with. Of all the decisions that I regret that has to be within the top 5. I discovered 2 months into their groom hunting foray, horoscopes and the parents meeting are deciding factors, with groom saying in ok coming in a close second and girls decision though significant was handled with ‘after marriage all guys are the same,- it’s the family that counts’ adage.
After a year my parents have discovered email and Tamil matrimony to my horror. As they absolutely computer illiterate, the job of accessing my dad’s email and the site sorely rests on my young and reluctant shoulders. My fear of horror movies considerably decreased in comparison to checking the green and orange matrimonial websites with my boss or colleagues popping up near my cubicle. Now the nightmare has reached the crescent with the month of January. This is an auspicious time with meetings set up between the parties at speed of light. My otherwise non existent social life is now filled with Meeting the parents/groom/ grooms uncle, aunt, favorite cousin also thrown in for a good measure.
This weekend what I thought would be a much needed vacation, turned into a parent meeting spree. I thought my interview panels of companies on campus visits were tough, but parents of grooms are much tougher. No offence to any parents here, I’m sure they were just looking out for their sons, however questions like what would you like my son to be like and exact power of specs , so on are more appropriate from the guy himself. All these guys are teetotalers, vegetarian and have no bad habit under the sun, which I think is a great utopian way of thinking but I highly doubt it. My parents are also not without their share of blame. My dad describes me as a domesticated girl, with a modern outlook, who doesn’t got to movies or parties. I am on the other hand, am an extrovert who loves hanging out with my friends and have to catch a movie every other week. I sit through these meetings, with a smile pasted on my face, and thinking about all the things I have to finish in office, believe me its much more pleasant. It’s hard enough that you are constantly being watched for any physical defect but to ensure that you behave like what was projected by your own parents is even more difficult.

The thing which hit my pressure button today, was the waiting for the call backs from the various meetings. They were positive however to me not even 5% of the river has been crossed.My dad was ecstatic on ac all back , however on the others he kept dissecting every lil moment trying to decide what we had done wrong. To be constantly talking about something you rather forget about is bound to drive any person’s blood pressure up and mine just shot through the stratosphere.
To Me, most people require some time to get to know a person before deciding on something as crucial as marriage. I have friends who say that ,however long time you meet before marriage, its only after you know the actual person. I agree, however I seem to notice, that marriage has become a necessity for most people before they get a green card. I met a guy, who was candid enough to admit, that he was getting his green card in 3 months and had to get married before then. He didn’t mind that girl was an unknown entity on the day of the marriage, it was not necessary in his opinion.
I side with the guys too. I have a friend who on his every trip to Chennai, is bombarded with pictures of girls. He gets to meet them for 15 minutes and then has to decide if he likes the girl. If he says yes , he is caught , as it eventually leads to talks of engagement in the next month !!.He feels that the girls are not vocal enough in their opposition for more time. And if he asks to meet the girl later, he still gets glares and whispered conferences. He is hiding out in Mumbai, praying he will fall in love or lighting will strike him, which ever happens first will be for the best.

So I think its getting harder and harder to go through the traditional methods to meet you soul mate. Some are lucky, one advertisement or a belligerent aunt and you have a wedding. And others, like me who have to go through trials of fire /questions/catwalks to find the one - it’s a scary movie.

and the jokes....

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas were both 102 years old. They had been married 74 years. The local
television station sent a news crew out to interview them. ''What we need to do,'' the reporter explained, ''is to interview you separately. It just seems
to make for a better write-up, when we do it that way. So, if you don't mind waiting, Mrs.
Thomas, we'll go out on the porch with your husband and visit with him for a few moments
After they were settled on the porch, the reporter began his interview. ''Mr. Thomas, I know you
get tired of people asking you this, but what do you think is the cause of your longevity?''
''Well...'' Mr. Thomas drawled thoughtfully. ''I get up early every morning. I eat pretty good,
you know, garden food and such....and...oh, yeah! God talks to me!''
The reporter stared up at him to see if he was kidding. ''You mean God actually talks to you?''
''Yep,'' the old-timer replied sincerely. ''We're pretty close. In fact, when I have to get up
and go to the bathroom during the night, God even turns the light on for me.''
The reporter quickly excused himself and went in search of Mrs. Thomas. ''I don't mean anything
unkind by this, Ma'am, but is Mr. Thomas okay...mentally, I mean?''
''Why?'' she asks curiously.
''Well, he says that when he goes to the bathroom at night, God turns on the light for him,''
the reporter explained.
''Oh, damn!'' Mrs. Thomas said, irritably. ''Has that old guy been pissin' in the refrigerator

Chocolate Cookies

An elderly man lay dying in his bed when he suddenly smelled the aroma of his favourite
chocolate chip cookies. He gathered his remaining strength and made his way out of the bedroom.
Were it not for death’s agony, he would have thought himself already in heaven: there, spread
out upon newspapers on the kitchen table were literally hundreds of his favourite chocolate chip
cookies. Was it heaven? Or was it one final act of love from his wife, seeing to it that he left
this world a happy man?
He threw himself toward the table, his parched lips parted; the wondrous taste of the cookie was
already in his mouth; seemingly bringing him back to life.
The aged and withered hand, shockingly made its way to a cookie at the edge of the table, when
it was suddenly smacked with a spatula by his wife. "Stay out of those," she said, "they’re for the funeral."

Jesus and Moses Play Golf
Jesus and Moses are playing golf and they''re on the tenth hole. Moses hits the ball and it heads straight for a pond. Just before the ball hits the water, the pond parts and the ball rolls up onto the green. Jesus winds up and hits one about to the same spot. Jesus' ball hits the water and skips across. All of a sudden, lightning flashes and a ball drops from the sky. A fish swallows it, a bird picks up the fish and drops the ball onto a turtle, that walks over to the hole and drops it in.
Moses turns to Jesus and says, ''I hate it when your dad plays!''

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Horror and Hope

First of All, Happy New Year everybody, hope all your wishes and dreams come true this year.

I have written atleast 5 blogs only not to post them as Christmas, Tsunami and year ending zoomed past and for once I just couldn’t sum up all of them in one blog. So I decided to wait, till I could produce a coherent blog to sum up all the emotions - joy at Christmas, abject sorrow of the Tsunami and Hope that another year of new beginnings .

Christmas was a lovely time in Bangalore with my team coming up various ways of celebrating the joyous occasion- right from ethnic clothes on Christmas eve to a Santa Claus on Diet who doled out chocolates and kept a huge chunk for himself.Passing of Christmas gifts , cakes all around and the assignees shaking their heads at the Indian version of Christmas while merrily hogging on kalkals and mysore paks.

Having no electricity the most of Sunday , the horror of the Tsunami hit us in the evening. I stayed for 15 years a km away from Marina beach, and just couldn’t accept that the place which was a walker’s paradise and my Sunday evening hangout was filled with cars and later bodies of little children. I was haunted by the images. I volunteered to go to Nagapattinam from office. However my manager couldn’t give me leave till the 14th, so being in Bangalore , I tried to do my bit – from donating clothes, money , utensils to absolutely annoying people to push them a bit further in the donation and rescue efforts. I don’t think I did much though, I am still waiting to come back to Chennai to help out any way I can. I’ve been following Hari’s and Kiruba’s blog regularly to have a feel as to how Chennai is handling it.
Funnily I think that actual spirit of Christmas came out only after the 26th when the tide rolled in taking with it several human lives but leaving behind the sea of humanity. I have never seen so many people at one time working towards alleviating the suffering physical,menatal and monetary of the people affected. In my mind I always thought that if we should have another freedom struggle could we as Indians of this generation stand together ?But this rush of efforts proved that we are still connected irrespective of the obstacles of caste, creed and status. Reading the many Tsunami rescue blog sites, I am filled with Pride and assurance that in case of calamity - natural or man made, in future there will be a strong circle of friends and strangers who will be there to support and help

The New Year didn’t start to well for me , as I went into a another bout of the flu, but I don’t think I am worried. Through my sneezes and fever , all I could think was of those kids in Sri Lanka and Indonesia, who are all alone suffering and suddenly it the blocked nose didn’t seem a big deal. My resolution for this year is to be Patient - with my work , with life and just take a deep breath once in a while.

I know I will crib in my blog about my abject work life and absolutely non existent social life, but its easy to get caught up with the little distractions of life, if I do ,in the end I would come back to this blog to remind me what horror was unleashed, and hope that it released.

Well, for the new year , here are a couple of wise sayings :))

Don't marry the person you want to live with, marry the one you
cannot live without...
but whatever you do, you'll regret it later.
You can't buy love . . . but you pay heavily for it
True friends stab you in the front
Forgiveness is giving up my right to hate you for hurting me.

Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.
Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired .
My wife and I always compromise. I admit I'm wrong and she agrees
with me.
Those who can't laugh at themselves leave the job to others.
Ladies first. Pretty ladies sooner.
It doesn't matter how often a married man changes his job, he still
ends up with the same boss.
They call our language the mother tongue because the father seldom
gets to speak
Saving is the best thing. Especially when your parents have done it
for you.
Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools talk because
they have to say something

Keep Smiling