Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Who Am I and What I think…

A 20 something girl, just starting her new job in an unknown city, native of south India.. but a enthusiast of western music , loves cooking and food, old English movies…gosh doesn’t that sound like something out of the classified matrimonial section of a daily..

Well the basic reason I am writing this blog, other than to cribJ is to maybe post my views on what I see happening around me. I sometimes wonder why people act the way they do.. and just maybe put down my thoughts on why they do.

Sitting in a cubicle in office writing this , I feel that we are all confused individuals, routinely following a way decided by some guy sitting in a far off land (invariably US) , who is intent on making his millions by making us work on super sizzling excel sheets and presentations which in any case are forgotten in the junk pile he calls his mail box.
I have left home and my loved ones to be an “ Independent Women”.. but I am seriously wondering if I am happier than my grandma was when she left school at 13 to get married and have a kid by 15. For all the feminists out there , believe me I am a ardent supporter.. but aren’t we still bowing to the whims of society, we are expected to be super women , do it all.. We are capable , no doubt of that but do we really want to? All the guys I know now prefer someone, who works and also manages the kids. They are quick to assure me that they will appoint someone to do the cooking to help their better halves, its not their fault I think , we are doing that to ourselves. Looking around me I see overworked women who are rushing home at 8pm, just in time to see her kids dozing off. We are still under pressure. I am just asking is it all worth it?