Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bye Daddy

To the man who taught me how to read, who encouraged me when others seem wonder, to one who tied my shoe laces till I was 8,and scared every boy away till he gave away to a person he believed in.

To the man who I am supposed to look like,who made me laugh when I wanted to scream, who made me scream but forgive him immediately because I knew he was right,

The one who ensured he read out my horoscope as soon as it was published for the year, who forgot his anniversary but remembered my birthday.Who loved sweets being a diabetic and was fanatical about working clocks.

Who drove me to my exam, irrespective of the fact that it was a flood day in Chennai and didn’t even raise his voice, when the car got carried away and we were left without our chappals.Who diligently wiped my specs and checked if I had money even when I was earning more than he did

The one who educated his girls well beyond his means, and didnt even utter a grumpy sign everytime I asked him for 50 paise for a map or a couple of lakhs for a course

To the one who was the wind beneath my wings, lifted me high, but ensured I always had a safety net just in case I fell

To the one who said every thing will be allright, just believe in the higher power.

To the only one, who I call Daddy …

I love you. I always will. RIP